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The dust is settling

So, after a full day of playing around in Inform 7 with a bunch of middle-set pupils, what have we learned?

  1. we can have fun and achieve things in a day – which is really nice to know
  2. spend more time demonstrating how to best describe locations (including obvious exits)
  3. I need to make further explorations into the system to better keep up with the rate of ideas/enquiries on how to make 
  4. when it comes to estimating how quickly children will pick up game-related technology… I need to aim higher 🙂

A great day was had by (pretty much) all, I think – certainly if the groans and complaints that emerged when we pointed out it was getting towards home time so we would have to stop are anything to go by!

Edit: Ah yes, meant to put one of the produced games up, just to show how they did. This is one produced by a few year 9s, with only minimal assistance in terms of the grammar of Inform. The ideas were all their own.

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