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The force is strong in this one…

Just a quick post (by way of a slight brag) as I had a cracking literacy lesson today… we’re in the midst of a sequence on “The Charge of the Light Brigade” as an example of narrative poetry and I’m taking the class through creating a summary of the poem, so that they get a feel for what the story behind the poem actually is.

We got to the point where “theirs not to make reply/theirs not to reason why/theirs but to do and die” and I was trying to explain the whole “do or die” concept… and struggling a little… when I was struck by a rather odd thought… taking a deep breath I tentatively asked “who remembers that part in the second Star Wars film (episode 5) on Dagoba in the swamp with Luke and Yoda” and went on to talk about when Yoda basically says “don’t try… do or do not” – and it worked! Pretty much everybody knew what I was talking about (with the exception, perhaps of my class teacher, who was rapidly reconsidering all the nice things she’d ever written about me) and we moved on.

But I finished the day on a complete high – not only had I managed to explain the poem to them, but I’d done it using Yoda! I even threw in a (lame) Yoda impression (always one to push my luck) when getting them to put their books away at the end… it was also well received.