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Feeding from Twitter into Evernote again

So, after talking with @IanYorston at BETT2013, I was once again determined to see whether I could get my workflow of posting my favourited tweets into EverNote. The problem being Twitter having shut off the part of their API that easily allowed such things to happen.

After only a short time Googling, I discovered this page which talked about using RSS feeds from your Twitter account. It also (if you read it) goes on to mention about Twitter shutting off their support for RSS feeds in favour of JSON by the end of this month.

Further research led to this article which posited the idea of creating a mini-app on the Twitter side to allow easy access to your account feeds and even gave a simple PHP script to access them.

“Aha,” thought I, “that should be easy!” You would have thought after 13 years of commercial development experience that I would have learned not to assume such things…

After much muttering, I do have a solution working, for free. I probably made things a little harder for myself by only working from my iPad, but I’m kind’f deliberately seeing how much I can actually get done without a laptop just by way of an experiment.

So here’s what I learned:

    • not all free hosts support curl, even though they support PHP scripting

    • online documentation is invaluable

    • once a developer, always a developer – even though I’ve never used PHP before (I was a JSP boy) I found I could follow things enough to get by

    In short, I now have a simple Twitter app registered for my web-site which allows the script to connect using OAuth, then GET my most recent favourites using the 1.1 API, converting the returned JSON to RSS so that my IFTTT recipe can trigger and store those ideas in EverNote.

    Any questions, you know where to find me 🙂