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Just a brief post (from out of the resounding silence that has accompanied my first term as an NQT – this is a reflection on the amount of work that I’m actually having to do… teachers? work? what’s that all about?) to point out that some of you may have heard my school in the press over the last couple of days, or even seen me on the BBC news!


Yup, we’ve had reporters in over the last couple of days – the segment that was shown on the 6 o’clock news yesterday accompanies this BBC article. We also had articles in the Nottingham Evening Post (which is what started the media circus), The Times and the Daily Mailand were on Radio 4 and 5 live at some point yesterday. (Not to mention local ITN news and, apparently, Sky news – although I can’t find links for them).


Today, to add to the chaos, we had Newsroundin today and there was a segment this evening (some clips are on the site, but not of my class) – there was also an American reporter from a US magazine – Time or Times? Something like that. The head has been receiving calls from all over the world, she tells us.


And tomorrow, to help the children settle, is Children in Needday – so we all get to wear our pyjamas all day.