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Advice and stage fright

Been more than a little busy recently, but have to share a couple of incidents…

Firstly, I was stopped the other afternoon by one of the mums. “Excuse me, ” she said, “but do you have a minute?” Naturally, I did. “My daughter tells me that you’ve completed Zelda on the DS?” she continued, “and I’m stuck. I’m on the third trip into the Ocean King’s temple and I’m stuck on how to transfer the seal to the map.”

Thankfully, I could recall the answer to that one on short notice. So, today she was back asking about another section on the ghost ship. That one took a little thinking – she ended up bringing her DS in to class so I could see exactly which part it was.

Think I may have made a friend, there.

On a different note (pun intended) our school has been running a sort of “Britain’s Got Talent” competition over the last couple of weeks and today was the grand final. They needed a short “filler” spot, so my head decided (in her usual wisdom) that the staff could perform a short “Grease” medley. It fell to me to be Danny for “Summer Nights” and that all seemed to be going okay.

Then, today, in our dress rehearsal I not only came in too soon (which threw both myself and “Sandy” off for the first verse) but then, instead of singing “she was good, you know what I mean” I sadly omitted the initial “s” and loudly and clearly sang that “he was good…”.

Oh how we laughed. Asked by one of the TAs later whether there was anything I felt I needed to say by way of explanation, I merely replied that I felt that I had stated my position quite clearly the first time.