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Safer Internet Assembly

So, I was asked to work with a colleague to prepare (and consider delivering) the Monday whole-school assembly on internet safety. Not wanting to just regurgitate the standard opions, videos and what-not, I put in a little time to take the default secondary assembly from the site, put a little personal spin on it and re-jig it as a Prezi (which I’ve been teaching at both Y8 and Y9 at various points this year) for that extra “fun” factor.

I was rather pleased with it – it’s here, if it’s of any use to anyone else – and was delighted that a number of colleagues and even a few children commented on it. So, as “firsts” go, this one was distinctly… okay. 

Thanks to the SLT for the edible thank you/reward – who says only children are motivated by chocolate? 🙂