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Wild Warhol

Had such fun with our Y1/2 class today.

First, let me remind you that that isn’t my normal class. It’s that time of year when we do class swaps and, as I’m leaving, I got to fill-in for one of the new teachers who couldn’t make it in.

So, my basic premise for the day was “Going Wild”. First, we watched an animated version of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things are” from YouTube. Then the children used the New York Zoo and Aquarium “Build Your Wild Self” application to generate their own “wild thing” which they wrote about, thinking about what they’d eat and also what they’d do all day.


Finally, for the end of the day I took a “Wild Self” that we’d all helped create, used Sumo Paint to reduce it just a black and white outline, then after showing and talking about a brief Warhol-style slideshow, the children picked 3 (sometimes 4) colours and coloured-in a picture each which I then mounted on a blind in the classroom (quick maths link – 24 in the class so, thinking about arrays, how can I arrange them into a rectangle?).

I had fun, I think they all did , too 🙂