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Programming on an iPad

Just a quick jotting to mark the occasion of my first real programming success in an iPad. Rather chuffed, really, that it all worked out as hoped and seriously impressed with the software involved.

So, then, to details – what have I achieved? Nothing too spectacular in terms of visible results, but I’ve managed to get the Minecraft Pi Python API into the Pythonista app (by means of copy/paste as there seems to be no way to import code from, say, DropBox) and then quickly code a simple class that uses the API, connects to a running instance and posts a chat message.

Like I said, nothing too glamorous, but it proved the idea – now on to some more exciting ideas. I’m going to aim for the tried-and-tested platform that follows the player around, so you can never fall. Then, who knows? The sky is, as ever, the limit 🙂

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