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ILID fun and games

So our school has a number of days (ILID – integrate learning in-depth) where in the past there have been themes, usually per-year, that run through the day. But this time, the SLT opened it up to teachers to see if there was an idea that they would like to run that wouldn’t normally work within the confines of an hour (or a series of hour) lessons.

I’ve tried, in the past, to run after school clubs building interactive fiction games (using Inform 7, for its natural language approach) having long enjoyed playing such games and seeing the myriad learning topics available in such ventures (ie problem solving, creative writing, logic, organisation and planning). But tomorrow, I’ve been let loose with 30 hand-picked children and a colleague (an English teacher) to try and introduce/teach the beginnings of building interactive fiction under the guise of “creative writing”!

Let the good times roll 🙂

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