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Enfin! Pupil blogging!

Finally! I've managed to get some pupils blogging 🙂

Early days, mind, and they're only really doing it because I'm telling them to, but it's a starting point.

Most of the posts are of the "we did this, I thought it was [fun/bleurgh]" variety, but Rome wasn't blogged in a day. I'm going to be coming back to the site time and again as we carry on through the year, getting the pupils to try and think about their ICT lessons and to put their thoughts down to try and build up some communication between them; to get them to realise that theey aren't alone – if something is tricky for them, it probably will have been for others – but how did anyone deal with it? Can they (will they) take time to help each other out?

One stand-out post, for me, was this beauty from a Y9 rejoicing in the cognomen on "Mr Cow Snuggler" (don't ask why – I didn't dare ask, myself). I've been using it as an example of how to start successfully thinking about their own work in other groups… here's hoping it spawns more than a series of clones.

I'm hoping it gets them thinking.

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  1. Ian Harcombe says:

    Am excited that I just received notification of a blog post (http://t.co/kQVwT6m) from a pupil – they’ve obviously doing this from home *and* it’s a reasonably honest evaluation of how they’ve done. *GLEE* 🙂