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Robot retro-fit


I got a lovely friendly yellow robot (a WowWee RoboRover, as it turns out) as a leaving present from my last school. It’s lovely. But it only goes in one direction: two tractor treads, but only one motor. My 4-year-old loves playing with it, but I can’t help but feel that we could do more…

Over the Christmas break this year, I decided the time had come (particularly in light of the advent of the Raspberry Pi Zero) to upgrade the cute little critter. Tamiya 70097 Today, I finished phase 1 (it sounds better in my head if I pretend I have some kind of structured plan), and proved that the motor unit I’ve picked out will fit in the chassis of the Roborover. It’s a Tamiya 70097 geared twin motor unit, from a range of remote control vehicles (promising start…) and was, itself, rather fun to put together.

I’ve also bought an infra-red receiver, a TSOP38238, to hopefully make use of an old r/c helicopter handset, so that’s this weekend’s challenge; let’s call it phase 2 🙂

Phase 3 will be modifying the chassis to be be able to get the motor unit embedded and running. Ideally, it’ll allow me to use PWM to accurately control the robot speed and direction from the r/c handset stick.

Phase 4 will be re-fitting the body back on top (with modified eye LEDs – I’m hoping to get colour-changing ones in there that will be controlled by the spare stick on the r/c handset.

Phase 5 will be seeing (a) if my 4-year-old is still the same age(!), and (b) whether she likes it!

Wish me luck 🙂