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Pastures new

I am in the very fortunate position of having finished teaching at a school in Leicestershire (which broke up on July 10th) and getting ready to start at a school in Northamptonshire (which only just broke up yesterday, July 22nd).

Thanks to a very kind offer from my parents, my two boys (aged 11yo and 7yo) were able to have a “big boy” holiday with their grandparents, and my little girl (aged 3yo) was able to visit her nursery for an extra week leaving me free to spend some time in my new school.

That week has already proved invaluable, as not only do I have an understanding of what I’m coming back to, in September, but it afforded me a very real chance to meet and start building relationships within my department (I’m stepping up to be “Head of IT”) ahead of the summer break. So now I have a list as long as my arm (a not inconsiderable length) of units to plan, courses to investigate and programming languages to brush up on over the summer.

To that end, I’ve started putting all of these items down on a Trello board, that I intend to share with my team so that we can see just where we are up to, ahead of the new school year. I’m hoping that this will ensure that everybody sees that we are sharing the work out evenly and no-one will feel de-motivated at the size of the task ahead of us.

Thanks to my previous HoD, I have a good framework in mind for how to aim over the next year, 3 years and then 5 years – all I need to do now, is deliver!

Fun times ahead… what have you got lined up for your summer “holiday” this year?