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Developing for Android on Android

Just a quick post to mention that I’ve been experimenting with developing an Android app. I actually felt I’d come up with a semi-decent idea (for once) and determined that this time I really was going to actually build an app myself. But, as ever, there’s a reasonably steep learning curve for getting into app development (mostly a question of time, not my most abundant commodity) and so I cast around for ways of developing on the device itself… and, ladies and gentlemen, I found a couple of options.

The one I’m using most is DroidScript (available for free on the Play Store). For me, it’s perfect – you write in JavaScript, which I know pretty well, and it takes care of getting the thing going.

I should also give a mention to AIDE, which feels to be a more comprehensive, in-depth approach to getting apps built for Android on Android. I haven’t yet given that a full “crack of the whip” given how easy it is to rattle things up in DroidScript. But, never say never, eh?