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Intriguing reactions

My starter this week has been based around the Queen sending her first tweet from the launch of the new “Information Age” exhibition at the Science Museum.

The two big questions were: why would the Queen need to use Twitter; and how long do you think it was before the first troll appeared?

More than anything I’ve been surprised by the range of reactions to the second comment on the Queen’s tweet – from absolute shock horror, to giggles. What I also found interesting was the number of people who assumed that it would be illegal (to “troll” the Queen); only one particularly switched-on Y9 boy had an immediate response of, “Why? It’s just their opinion!”

Overall, there have been some excellent discussion on exactly what Twitter (and, by extension, social media in general) is for; how people use it; what “trolling” is; and why the monarchy would need to keep up with technology.

It’s been a good week 🙂