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Informal learning, wikis and other collaborations

Having followed through and read the article Steve Wheeler referred to in this tweet, I was struck that there've been a number of times recently where I've been thinking specifically in terms of how to share ideas and information across colleagues – in one case between schools, in another in my own school.

For the former, I'm trying to get a wiki off the ground and see what sorts of things can come from that.

For the latter, I've opted for setting up a simple rich-content page on the in-house VLE in the hopes that (non-ICT) people won't be too afraid to use it.

Now I just have to see how this all pans out; I'm confident that the people involved want to share the information, that's not the issue – the sticking point will be whether they remember, are willing (and can be bothered to do so) in such a public way.