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First week, looking back

Okay, so I survived. And more than survived, had fun. It was a busy week, in all the right places – lessons went well, a couple of new lunch time clubs were frenetic (in good ways, I felt) and my routine is now almost bedded in my head.

I’ve deliberately taken a new approach to lunch times, this year. Last year I was pretty much eating in there every day as children came in to “work” on odd bits of the stuff that had taken their fancy through the year – SketchUp, Kodu, Scratch – and, to be honest, nice tho’ it was to see them enthused, I needed the break.

So this year, I’m having two lunch time clubs – a weekly Minecraft club on an in-school server that I’ve talked the tech guys into installing, and a fortnightly race meeting on TrackMania Nations 🙂

Vive la difference!