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Summer holiday, you say?

So… here I am in the middle of the much-touted six week school holidays.


And I’m back at the old company for the middle four weeks, to top up the old coffers (and hopefully finally afford that Nintendo Wii that I’ve had my eye on) and have some good old programming fun.


Turns out teaching is a much better profession for me – frankly, I’m bored. I won’t be a complete ass and wonder how/why I did what I did for so long (13 years or so) – it made sense at the time and that’s pretty much all that matters, “inna final analysis”.

But by criminy I’m so looking forward to September by comparison! At my new school, each term is going planned from a single topic (chosen by the children) and for the first term it’s a literacy-based topic. The children chose… Harry Potter! Whee! So I get to teach a term of stuff derived from Potter books… and they pay me for it!