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Eureka moments

So, there I am pootling up and down the pool, not really concentrating on too much, when… Poof! I suddenly realise how I can at least try and make units about standard office software marginally more interesting. As ever, it's about making the activity real, something which my maths lecturer did his best to drum into me when I was training (thanks, Kev) and I obviously forgot to apply here in secondary… that'll teach me!

The thing of interest was the way in which the idea came to me – while swimming. I've had similar success with ideas that come to me in the shower. This got me reflecting on the blog entry by James Mitchie that I read earlier about finding (and using, I suppose) the places where you are best productive – apparently, I've found mine. It's taken a while, as I've not been regularly swimming for some time but I'm using the summer holidays to try and set up some "good routines" that I can hopefully then carry over into the new school year when things get busier 🙂

Oh, by the bye, my ideas? For the unit on word processing, I'm going to go with applying the techniques to a Project Gutenberg text; for spreadsheets, I'll be re-using a unit I tried last year on Fantasy Football; and for presentations (I'm least sure on this one) I'll try getting the pupils thinking about the various types of social media and appropriate/safe/proper usage.

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